Your digital show room!

How about a homepage which does not only present you and your products/services in a best way but is easy to find for all interested potential customers? Surely, the “being found in the internet” is meanwhile a discrete business and costs a lot of money. This pricey project itself and the trend word “SEO” backs many smaller companies off.

It is true indeed, that the giant internet players make it a little bit harder for the smaller fish each day to be found easily. Of course you can play this game and pay for it if you have the spare money – but you don’t have to!

It is possible, too, to create a appealing website which does exactly what it was invented for: To present you, your company, your products and services in professional way and to provide the opportunity to get in touch with you easily. If you have this, the clou is to gather interest for your homepage with promotions or campaigns that go alongside and are not necessarily online.

This means, it is possible for sure, to make the homepage project come real without a big budget or expenditure of time unless you don’t want to become an giant online player yourself.

Main point for sure is an authentical and meaningful web presentation with a clever contact form which tops off your business in general.

Visual samples

Online orders for sweet dishes

Main intention for this online shop was, to provide the customers the opportunity to order the tasty products everytime from everywhere. The shop is connected with the company’s homepage, where the interested customer finds more details arround the products and traditionally company itself, which invented the soft ice cream powder and had a turbulent history.

About dreamy creamy cheese

Heinrichsthaler – one of the five biggest dairies in Germany – where in need of a homepage which had it all: the atmospheric blue corporate design, the full product range of cheese varities for customers, retail markets and bulk consumers, recepies and historical facts.

Eat & Sleep the French way

The Restaurant and cosy Bed and Breakfast „Frosch & Fisch“ asked for a website to present them in the best way for travellers and French Food Lovers. We mixed a little trivia about the owners with appetising pictures, menues, wine recommendations, opening times and an easy contact form for reservations and requests. Special Events can be posted regularly.

Wine Lovers‘ online paradise

Wanted: A website with online shop which makes wine lovers to drool over it as well as facts and figures about the vineyards or the wine store itself.

Yoga for every child

Passion and devotion for Yoga bundled in the person of Ines Hefter – this was to show on her website. It is meant to be an invitation for everybody and especially for pregnant women which can practise Yoga during pregnancy and after child birth.

Refreshing holidays at the Baltic Sea

Cast off and goode wind is the principle of pension Goodewind in Ahlbeck. To spread, that Goodewind is a nice place to stay for holidays at the Baltic Sea, the owners decided to use a website with all informations about the flats, pictures, contact form and travelling tips.