Small but powerful when used in the right way.

They are everywhere and it is meanwhile really hard to ignore them. Nevertheless they provide the perfect chance to promote your company when placed on highly frequented websites.

There is a huge range of formats. If animated graphics as Flash, video sequences or website events – your possibilities are multifarious.

It is not only important to catch the attention of the observer who only slightly glances at, but especially to catch the attention of your targeted group. This is possible e.g. at news-pages or blogs.

Surely the main target is not only to draw the attention to the banner ad but to tempt the interested user to click on it and to come to where you want him to. To reach this goal, one needs to know how the message is represented best and precisely because you have a only a maximum of 3 secs to transport it to the observer.

If you place an banner ad on a website-event you’ll probably have the attention already, even if not by free choice. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to prevent this banner from being nerve-racking. But nevertheless a banner add is still one of the best ways to spread the information about a running promotion or campaign in order to reach more user.

Visual samples

online & offline travels

Advertising media, mainly banner ads in all formats, colours and models, are booked by the travel operator. The banner ads are shown in the intranet of the cooperation partners or sometimes also as concrete booking possibility with attractive price offers in the main travel portals.

Early bird information

To inform the coop-travel agencies about top offers in best time, a template, which can be filled in and updated regularly, comes quite handy for a tour operator. This one does not only fit into the corporate design of the operator but is also generated in a appealing, clear layout.

Digital invitation

Digital postcards as electronic mailings are not only best choice when making invitations for special events. They are also perfect for most of occasions like Season’s greetings, updated company informations or congratulations.

Save the Date and be inspired

The invitation for an international event had to be sent out via e-mail and Whatsapp. The corporate design of the “Deutsche Tourismus Zentrale” was defined clearly. The challenge was, to build a visual bridge between occident and Germany for the “Ladies only” event.