Logo design

Logo design

Unique and recognisable!

It seems to be in the head of most small companies and enterprises that a unique logo has to be developed only by a big marketing agency and that this is necessarily expensive as it takes some time.

Well, this can surely be like this but it doesn’t have to. If you need a trademark which is recognisable and patented all over Europe or maybe even all over the world, there is of course a need for a proper research, indeed. But if your enterprise operates mainly regionally and you just want to fresh up the companies’ name as a logo – why not take the much easier way?

In case you need a logo developed especially for a new product, a whole product line or project, you surely need to invest a bit more time to make sure, that it is suitable, patentable and to find the perfect name in the first place. Even the small research, if the domain with this name is still free, is necessary and can turn the whole logo development project upside down.

We can be your competent partner in this project as well. We help you to think outside of the box and to create new media with regard to future use like corporate design for official office papers, promotion material and so on.

Visual examples

Optics with a vision

„You are going to see!“ is the guideline of Stephanie Karl, an optometrist who is not only master of her craft but also a women with a clear vision in this quite new established part in the field of opticians.

Here it was the aim, to combine all 3 parts of her business – optics, sports and optometrics – in a clever way and to have her services added in a clear caption.

Razor-sharp tools

The people in the backend are specialists for the cooking business and it’s endowments for gastronomy and butcher shops. It is not only that the equipment has to be razor blade sharp but it needs to be transported that it is also durable and easy to handle and clean. The logo therefore came out less hygienic and clean but with a coolness and interest for this craftsmanship.

Learning with colourful joy

At the 103rd primary school in Dresden a friends association helps to provide an additional, wide-ranging and colourful offer for pupils’ leisure time facilities. A perfect opportunity for the kids to discover hidden potential or try something off the beaten trail. The logo was requested to reflect this.

Culinary delights en français

Not far away from Berlin, embedded in a lovely landscape, you’ll find in the picturesque village Himmelpfort the german home of Santa Clause and the restaurant & hostel Frosch & Fisch (frog & fish). The name and logo of the ladder implements french culinary delights, the connected clear caption presents the services dining and sleeping the french way at first sight.

Wine as the source of pure joy

Our task was clear: To present in an elegant way the fresh breeze which fills the dignified Winehouse Fasen due to the entry of the junior manager. To fill the corporate design with the smooth colours of good wine without beeing to disturbing and to implement new channels of distribution like a new website, onlineshop and general presentation for the old wine store.

In love with tradition

It started all with the true love to a VW Beetle and came out with a proper garage for beloved Old- and Youngtimers where the work is done with great passion, creativity and precision. The logo was required to be elegant, retrostylistic and to reflect the highest quality demands of the owner.