Handy and showy between the official papers!

Free of charge-postcards in special displays at highly frequented places are meanwhile well known and well used.

Did you consider yet to use this medium to promote something or to make something known? Another possibility are colourful envelopes which show-off in the boring white and grey of the normal mail. Postcards can come additionally in many sizes and unusual shapes to make sure they are seen.

Apart from the unusual size or design the postcards make a haptic impression., too. They are printed on special carton paper which is usually smooth and shiny on the front but rather rough on the backside. So the senses are tickled which leads to better remembrance.

The costs for printing, even in sets of different themes, are adequate and tempt to send something different and unusual to the customers.

Visual samples

Show-off your belly!

Sure, it`s not surprising anymore that it is good to practice Yoga during pregnancy. But to remind pregnant women to book a yoga class at Ines Hefter’s indeed, we created this postcard which she can spread everywhere easily.

To win Oldtimer-friends in style

Oldtimers are not anymore only business for people over 50. The young folk is interested and fascinated as well. As you might imagine, it is so much easier to get in touch with like-minded people at events of the scene but it is a challenge indeed, to draw interest in the dull everyday life.

Positive reinforcement in DIN A6

It is not easy for Psychologists, even though they are in personal contact with their young clients, day by day. To provide her young guests a small positive memory of their time spent at Susanne Nahr’s practice, they can grab a postcard – different designs, suitable for every mood.

Recall of the positive things in life

It seems as if were far too many wine stores arround, but you can make the subtle distinction with the notorious emotions – even at those people, who didn’t know in the first place, they were in the targeted group.

A classical invitation to homoeopathy

Naturally based medicine is not only trendy but it is and was proved and tested. This fact comes across many people these days and to help them to find their way in her homoeopathical practice, Annekathrin Ullrich chose differently themed postcards to invite new clients, from pragmatic to hipster.