Packaging design

Packaging design

What needs to be shown!

Your research and development section is creating new products. In case you are in need of a suitable packaging you can count on us. No matter if something brand new or a variety – just send us your requirements.

Wanted: Best presentation of your products in a retail store. We offer promotional banners, shelf highlighter attractive promotion packaging. We have a lot of ideas to make your promotion remarkable and you are very welcome to send us your request.

Visual samples

Barbecue Cheese

The new product was developed and needed to be packed properly: An elegant balance between the Corporate Design, proven design elements and bracing new pictures in order to make an eye catching impression at the counter.

Creamy cheese for dipping

The creamy cheese was packed in a cup and we designed a banderole in style of a proper ceramic dipping mug. No need to refill the cheese for a nicely decorated table.

Packaging for creamy goat cheese

The natural goat cheese needed a new designed packaging which should fit in perfectly in the range of the other products. We designed an eye-catching packaging with new background and a tempting picture.