Print media

Print media

Like an invitation for presenting itself at it’s best!

If you want to print some marketing material you can ask for your own opinion in the first place: Would you grab and read this flyer? Do you find all necessary information in this brochure or do you feel reading it is a waste of time?

Most of the flyers “out there” are missing the clear and comprehensible message. But your customer has a need which you can satisfy with your product or service. This must be clear at first sight!

Surely, there are flyers and ads as far as the eye can see, so for normal people it is hard to find the only one flyer which comes with an answer.

Rarely finds someone the time to read consciously through this myriad of flyers. Usually it takes only a few seconds to decide which one is interesting and worth grabbing it. Then there is still the time between grabbing and unpacking it and if the precious moment comes, when the observer is reading the flyer with full intent, is more than doubtful. All this is very important to keep in mind when designing the advert and forming the message.

Our offered range of print media varies from printing customised stall wands for exhibitions, signposts, beachflags, presentation files, pricelists, brochures, promotional stand-up displays to the usual adverts in magazines or newspapers.

Visual sample

Show off your offers!

To meet the targeted group some enterprises need newspapers or magazines. Here it is very important too, to tempt the undiscerning reader with best made design to take some interest in the (often quite expensive) ad.

Good value for money

To make your pricelist a haptic impression it “just” needs a special design and paper. So it changes suddenly from dull to emotional – even if only in the subconsciousness of the recipient.

Preserving the joy of studying

Support young learners with colourful notebooks, using their own vocab. There are many ways to keep studying interesting.

It has to be French Wine

To enjoy your exquisite meal en français, French Wine is the natural and necessary company. To find out, which one suits you and accompanies special dishes best, the restaurant “Frosch & Fisch” invites to special winetasting events with nicely made flyers.

Wanted: creative cooking & baking

This traditional company releases since a couple of years brochures with creative and extraordinary recipes in combination with their offered product range. Those recipes are wonderfully tasty and tempting, created and spread by customers, testers and bloogers.

May it be something completely different for a change?

The aim was, to tempt the customers to the cheese counter and offer the cheese in a mouth-watering way, accompanied by the recipe-brochures. To make this come true easily for the staff at the store, we developed a clever 2-in-1 solution: A covering box, specially folded, which became an appealing presentation medium.