Product fotoshooting

Product fotoshooting

A professional picture of you offered product!

Sometimes you just need a proper picture of one of your products, for a packaging or even only for your website?

We would be happy to support you in this! We have an eye for nice details which suit every brochure, ideas for bulk consumers and sometimes we take care of all of it together: A shooting of the whole product range in the same way with a perfect quality in order to design the product presentation sheets in a consistent style. We offer the same detailed and professional procedure for everyday pictures, advert pics or finest high quality pics which are to be printed on the wall at your next exhibition stand – just give us a hint what you are looking for!

To get an idea what we are heading for we usually send you our drafts and ideas in advance. Last but not least: All rights at the pictures will be transferred to you in the end.

We are mobile, very flexible and look forward to your requests!

Visuelle Beispiele

Tasty stuff from the barbecue

Heinrichsthaler came out with a new product which had to be presented in a nice picture that should have been suitable for the packaging as well. A few hundred variations later the winner was used as cover picture and here you see how the packaging looks like.

Delicate soft cheese for dips

This is a soft cheese which is not only suitable as a bread spread but also as a dip! These two variations were requested to be seen on the picture in order to develop pictures which can be used for ads or online-presentations.

Barbecued cheese

Presented already nicely and creatively in a packaging, the Barbecue Cheese Talers were now shooted in the shining sun with many delicious ideas around cooking and serving. Those pictures are used for ads, websites or printouts.